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Clinical curing

  • Gualoupi Injection (Xintong)

    Gualoupi Injection (Xintong)

    Cardiovascular: Gualoupi Injection (Xintong), company exclusive medicine in mainland China for Coronary disease,

  • Miglitol(Ordipine)


    Diabetes: Miglitol(Ordipine) applicable to latest generation of α-Glucosidase Inhibitors for diabetes, first generic in China

  • Oxytocin Injection (Aim Xin Nuo Shu)

    Oxytocin Injection (Aim Xin Nuo Shu)

    Obstetrics: Oxytocin Injection (Aim Xin Nuo Shu) applicable to selective epidural or post caesarean section lower lumbar anesthesia treatment or postpartum hemorrhage treatment, first generic in China

  • Hongjin Xiaojie Tablets (Meixiaodan)

    Hongjin Xiaojie Tablets (Meixiaodan)

    Gynaecology: Hongjin Xiaojie Tablets (Meixiaodan), an ancient prescription of Yi Ethnic, used for lobular hyperplasia of breast, Hysteromyoma and oophoritic cyst

  • NalMefene injection (Yi Mei Fen)

    NalMefene injection (Yi Mei Fen)

    Pain killer: NalMefene injection (Yi Mei Fen), Opioid receptor antagonists used for various accute poinsoning, like alcohol, organic phosphor, CO, sedative-hypnotic, opioid substance,serious infection, shock, fainting,brain and spinal injuries, cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage etc. First aid and relieving respiratory inhibitors.

  • Tablets(Meinuofen)


    Aceclofenac Tablets(Meinuofen) used for pains and infections caused by ostarthritis,rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis

Common medicine: smectite powder, domperidone Teblets, azithromycin capsules, loratadine tablets and clarithromycin Capsules