Founded on Dec 29, 2007, Tibet Aim Pharm.Inc(Aim Pharm) is a  medicine manufacturing and marketing enterprise that has its own research & develop center, manufacturing factory and retailing channel all over China. Headquartered in the national economic and technological development zone in Tibet Autonomous Region, Aim Pharm owns Aim Kangyuan Pharmaceuticals Technology Company and Aim Haizhong Investment and Management Company, both located in Beijing, Wei’Ao Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Sichuan Province.  In addition to above mentioned, we also have an herb planting base in Linzhi, Tibet and manufacturing factories in Lhasa, Tibet and Pengzhou, Sichuan Province.


Our company has been committing to providing professional medical products and research & development of core products for common chronic disease such as diabetes and CVD (Cardiovascular Disease), as well as medicines for gynecology and obstetrics. A series of our products such as Miglitol Tablets, Gualoupi Injection, Nalmefene Hydrochloride Injection, Carbetocin Injection; Hongjin Xiaojie Tablets and Aceclofenac Enteric-Coated Tablets have been catalogued into the National Medical Insurance Registration Book. We have also expanded our products in the treatment of antibiotic, antiallergic and digestive system. 


Act in accordance with "Simple but Practical, Innovation for All", employees with Aim Pharm are performance-oriented and motivated by research and development initiatives. Thanks to that, now we own quite a few patents in First Generic Drugs, a few other patented prizes, new drug certificates and pharmaceutical production approvals in China domestic market.


Motivated by that great company culture, we are recognized by quite a few honors, such as "Tibetan Small and Middle-Sized Technology Company", "National New Hi-Tech Enterprise", "National Science and Technology Incubator", “Tibetan Science and Technology Incubator” "Council Member of National Cardiocerebral and Vascular Disease Prevention Center", "China Excellent Patent Prize".


Benefited by the exclusive biological resources in Tibet and preferential policy from governments at various levels, Aim Pharm. has experienced rapid growth and has been a listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market since Dec 9th, 2016. 


In future, the company will utilize its competitiveness in core products, analyze the pharmaceutical market from every aspect and work on every challenge and seize every opportunity to grow in accordance with reform of the medical system by the government. We are also committed to build an excellent human resource management system, a comprehensive accounting system, an efficient business managing system so to access to the capital market. As our company value states, we always serve to people's health, help people cure their disease. With our high quality, best value products and the core competitiveness, we will not only build an excellent organization that takes its social responsibility but also become a China leading pharmaceutical company fighting against chronic disease.

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